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Silky Cleansing Milk


Developed by renowned Swiss Plastic Surgeon,

Dr. Jean-François Emeri

Silky Cleansing Milk 200 ml / 6.8 fl. oz.


Double effect, revolutionary action:
Edelskin Silky Milk is an intelligent lotion, which adapts itself to the

skin’s needs:

1- A soft cleansing Milk to remove impurities and to reduce

sebum production.
2- Outstanding cleansing Cream, after massaging onto

the face, the milk transforms into cream to remove all

make up perfectly.

This very soft formula removes impurities, dissolves make up

while respecting the lipidic hydro film. Complexion is left luminous;

the skin is soothed, distressed and boosted with new energy.


Dermatological expertise

Make up removal is often underestimated when it should be a beautiful ritual, indispensable for the clearness and comfort of your skin. Without cleansing, the skin can produce excessive sebum, causing blackheads as well as accelerating the appearance of wrinkle. The complexion loses its brightness, its luminosity and, in brief, the skin suffocates.

With the development of LaCrèm cleansing milk this is no longer an issue. The silky cleansing cream transforms makeup removal into a moment of intense pleasure and relaxation. It reveals the natural beauty of a woman’s face.


Technological composition

LaCrèm’s silky cleansing milk is more than a simple and gentle cleanser; it is a true skin care product. It constitutes an indispensable step in the skin care routine that prepares the skin for other products from the LaCrèm range.

To transform the current product into a true beauty care formulation, active ingredients were selected for their complementary and synergic actions. These work with and among all the products of the line.

-Edelweiss : found in all the skin care line for an optimal protection of the skin.

-Lupin Peptid : improves the microcirculation and oxygenation for a more luminous complexion and a rosy skin.

-Allantoïne : for its renowned calming effect on the skin.

Application advice

-Apply on the face and neck and massage delicately in circular movements.

-Remove all excess with a cotton swab.

-To perfect this makeup removal routine, complement with the gentle tonifying lotion.

-The skin is now ready to receive its daily skin care: repairing serum and the 24-hour cream.

Formulated and packaged in Switzerland  -  Purchase LaCrèm Skin Care